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    had to go to Sami when Roman told her they arrested the mugger and Sami said, "Is it someone under this roof?"

    I thought it was interesting how they chose to tell everyone about Hope off screen.  I wonder why they did that.  You’d think there’d be much more dramatic reactions as they heard the news that they’d want to show.  Hmmm…


    I thought this too.  I was looking forward to seeing Julie’s reaction when Doug told her but they never showed it?  No reaction from Sami, nothing.  They squandered some dramatic potential there if you ask me.  Couldn’t they have skipped yet another dumb conversation between EJ and Sami in order to show their reaction to Hope being the mugger?


    did show their reaction when they went to the station to visit Hope. What I found weird was that when Julie and Doug went to see Hope, they (except when Doug begged the cop) couldn’t touch her and the cop had to be present. Anyone else can see her and not follow the rules…Lexie, Abe, EJ (inside help). These details piss me off. And Hope is STILL wearing earrings??


    and she also got to keep her rings on too!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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