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     Well apparently Viv gets out of the box on monday, I just watched a clip from dayscafe, and it has Vivvy outside the box with Gus behind her,  hey maybe we’ll find out what happened to him!  and Vivian is telling Maggie that Victor kept her in the box and he enjoyed it.  Maggs said we should call the police and vivian says something like oh no Victor will pay believe me.  he’ll pay.  


    I just want to know where Gus has been this whole time!


    room of the mausoleum and he just came to?????  Just guessing and assuming and yes…where the heck has he been????  I still think it should have been Ivan who comes and saves Vivy! 


     I know this because I read somewhere that Victor tells Brady that "he (Gus) escaped," and Victor realizes that he must have freed Vivian, and that’s when he discovers Maggie is in the sarcophagus and frees her.  Boy, can’t wait to see what Victor will do to both of them when he discovers Maggie is the one entombed and realizes who did it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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