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    Have we ever heard Bo and Carly discussing just who Melanie’s father was?  We know the professor (I already forgot his name) was truly Max’s dad.  If he was not Melanie’s dad then she and Max are not actually brother and sister.  How would he have become her father otherwise?  What would prompt him to adopt a baby girl?  Couldn’t he be the one that Carly had the fling with?


     gave Carly’s child to "that man." I’m guessing Lawrence knew Trent was a bad guy and so did Carly.  I’m also guessing that Lawrence gave Trent money to take the kid off his hands.  He also probably didn’t care what Trent did with the kid.  Trent, from what we heard, had Melanie doing cons for him and also ‘pimped’ her out to people for money.  What man does that to his biological child, other than Nicole’s father?


    not even to Bo, that’s why I think it will still turn out to be Dan.  That’s just my guess, but I think they had a brief relationship before she introduced him to his wife.  Bo has asked Dan to "look after Carly;" now that tells me that somewhere Dan will be involved in this sl; and I think it will be as Melanie’s bio-dad.  I know the timetable may be a little off, but that’s never stopped this show from introducing the absurd just to thicken the plot and make the storyline involve more than those in it’s immediate path.  I can just visualize how many others will be affected by that outcome if it turns out to be true.

    Ms. Jake

    I really think this Melanie SL, is an afterthought. The writters had no intention of having Melanie becoming Carly’s daughter, and NOT Trent’s….So, now it’s kind of messed up, and redirected. Why Trent would want to bring up a baby daughter and give away his son doesn’t make any sence!!!! And now they’re changing personalities too! Stephanie’s different, Mia’s different, Melanie’s different, Nathan can’t be trusted, Phillip’s spun around, Chad’s becoming decent, and Hope’s a mess!


    "Day’s" world…maybe they’ll all be in Melaswen or wake up in the shower?

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