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    Per Days Cafe Melanie has a pregnancy test done which confirms she’s pregnant BUT later Stefanie get physical with Melanie and causes her to take a fall. 

    No mention on whether the pregnancy is in jeopardy but that’s what was insinuated.

    The warden has Bo kidnapped to find out where Hope is.  She gives Bo truth serum to get the truth but he blurts out something unexpected.  Hope, Jennifer and Carly join forces to save Bo.

    My speculation is he blurts out that he loves Hope.

    Jennifer discovers a link between Dr. Ben and the prison and as we all know Stefano is behind the organ theft ring.

    I hope she discovers the link BEFORE she starts to fall for him.

    Nathan discovers the truth about the paternity switch and Stephanie’s part in it.  He bursts in on their wedding day as she’s getting dressed and breaks it off.  That’s when he goes running to Melanie.

    I don’t know why but this makes me so giddy, maybe the fact that Stephanie is trying to rush this wedding and sho sure she’ll have Nathan for ever but she gets dumped at the alter. 


     if Stephanie causes Mel to lose her baby, that would be a blessing for the child (the baby, of course, not Melanie).  Besides, another pregnancy is not what I want to see right now, especially with Melanie.  Can you imagine what we would have to go through for the next 8 to 10 months, depending on MB’s acting like a 13-year old carrying a kid.  Uggghhhh, please, no.

    I think you’re right about Bo blurting out that he still loves Hope.  That’s the first thing I thought of when I read it, and of course Carly will be hiding somewhere off in the distance listening.  Why else would it matter?

    I thought it would be Stefano and not Dr. Ben who was the ring-master behind the organ thefts at the prison.  The warden had absolutely no patience or respect when it came to Ben’s calls to her, so I knew he wasn’t the boss of the operation, just the recipient of the goods.  Stefano, on the other hand, is supposed to turn mean again and once again become the Stefano of old, which is fine with me so long as it doesn’t involve possession, mind-altering chips, or any other sci-fi moments we had to endure throughout Stefano’s history.  I’m more interested in seeing him go up against E.J. where Chad is concerned.  Another reason I suspected Stefano was when E.J. was on his deathbed after the shooting, on life support, with no brain activity.  Why weren’t they discussing donating any of his organs when Sami had the machines turned off?  I suspected right then and there that Stefano was Ben’s boss.  Guess they dumped the evil twin storyline that they had originally planned for Ben.

    Nathan dumping Steph is an "IT’S ABOUT TIME" moment for me.  So, who will be her next victim?  Rafe’s brother, maybe?  Whoever it is, I hope to hell they leave it alone and either let this girl be happy or cut her loose.  I still say bring back Owen, the Kiriakis gardner who kidnapped her.  He at least really loved her, and psycho or not, he was hot.





    Melanie to miscarry then that will be the double nail in the coffin for Stephanie and Nathan.

    Also, is Ben going to turn out to be innocent in the whole organ theft operation?


     how else will her and Nathan be the end game, and I think that’s the writers’ plan;

    As for Ben, I don’t think he’s completely innocent, because he’s still involved in organ trafficking.  I just don’t know if he is aware that they are killing inmates to secure their organs.  But, Stefano sure does.


     Since Nathan is now out, this changes everything.


     being written out only for 4 months.  No explanations why.  Maybe he just can’t take it and simply decides to take Mel’s advice and go to Baltimore, alone —- but at some point returns.  


    Maybe he had an offer to do something else for a few months and told them if they didn’t use him he’d like to take advantage of that other offer.  Since there was nothing pressing for him at the time (he and Mel can always be put on hold) it was easier to write him out for a short time.


    They’re waiting 4 months and then are recasting the character.


    Look at history, we were told Lucas was out in the past and he was only gone for a short time.  Same with John he was fired but then came back. I still don’t believe he was fired at that time but was given time off screen with plans on bringing him back.  TPTB just wanted to cause a stir and get the fans in an uproar.  


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