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    After watching yesterday’s show did anyone else get the feeling that maybe Carly’s daughter is Melanie and not Mia.  Just the interaction between the 2 and how Melanie wanted her gone from the house…I don’t know.  It sure made me think about it.


    I think you are right about it. If I remember correctly, Carly had much the same sassy attitude, amd I think Mia is too ‘calm’ to be her daughter!


    I think we’re being kept in the dark as long as possible. When Carly arrived at Maggie’s and muttered something about the confrontation at the cafe it could have referred to either Mia or Melanie. Funny how Mia seemed to hit it off with Carly right away at the pier, but after that, she’s given Carly the cold shoulder. And Mel reacted exactly in her usual overt kneejerk manner.


    I get the same feeling; like the writers couldn’t make up their mind which girl it should be.  Yesterday’s scenes w/Melanie were definitely the old cliche where the relationship automatically starts of with negativity.  But I can see Carly having a motherly relationship with Mia as time goes by.  I wonder if Mia will be working at the hospital soon, due to Carly’s encouragement.


    I had the same feeling that it was Mia and not Melanie, until she turrned around to face Mel.  With the ominous music and facial expressions, I guess it really will be Mel.


    Melanie’s reaction to Carly was entirely toooo "over the top", IMO. O.K. Mel was in a bad mood, there was an accident. Melanie admitted to Arianna later that she knew it was accidental, and just is taking her frustration out on everyone else. And yet, just a bit later, she is being very nasty to Carly, in fact, tooo nasty…..for what went on at the Cafe.


    I totally agree.  They are making it seem like Melanie is Carly’s and not Mia. 

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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