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    Why the sudden switch in Mag’s attitude toward Vic? I missed some of the last couple day’s shows so did something happen to change her tune? I mean she was getting pretty buddy with him. Or is it just Days manipulating da plot again to point everyone believe Maggie is really leaving town.


     becoming much too fond of Victor and figures since he is a married man, and since Maggie usually runs on a pretty high moral standard, she figured she simply had to get away from him.  The ‘plot’ part of this will be that Vivian will probably accomplish the direct opposite of what she had in mind, and eventually she will have caused her own demise rather than Maggie’s, since this will probably bring Victor and Maggie much closer than they already are.


    I hope that it is Victor that comes riding to Maggie’s rescue and their relationship develops from there.  And, (as much as I love Vivy), I hope Victor gives Vivy a taste of her own medicine with some time in the the sarcophagus (whew – that is a hard word for me to spell)…and that Victor goes back and "visits" Vivian many times and gives her some of his famous zinger lines that Victor is so great at saying!  Now that would be a hoot! 


    I love Victor and Maggie together.  Maggie has always been on the straight and narrow.  I love the good girl, bad guy pairing.  The just play good off of each other.  I love Viv, but never really understood the marriage of these two.  I wish they would bring back Ivan for Vivian, loved them together.  I used to want Caroline and Victor to get together (the good girl, bad guy thing).  I had never even considered Maggie and Victor, but I love them together.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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