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    lol loved it! would you like to take notes kate? hahaha classic


    it was fantastic.  Maggie, in all her sadness, still had enough strength in her convictions to let Kate know that she knew exactly what she was up to, and that she would also always have Melanie’s back.  I’ve been waiting and hoping for a long time for somebody of real consequence and dignity to tell Kate off.  Those are the only kind of individuals who can truly shut her up and leave her practically speechless.  Insults from others, like Sami, Stefano, Nicole, E.J., Victor, and even her own children, seem to simply roll off her like the slick oil spill she so convincingly represents.  I  found myself yelling at the top of my lungs…."you go, Maggie, now slap that *itch and throw her out!"  But, nay, the soap gods chose to answer only two of my wishes. (LOL)! 


    I loved it!  Watch out, Kate!  Maggie doesn’t have Mickey to calm her down and keep her from following her instincts.  She has her eyes on you!!!

    I liked that Maggie didn’t resort to a physical confrontation.  That would have pulled her down to Kate’s level. 




    I’m sure Kate figured she could swoop in on a fragile Maggie like a vulture, but it didn’t happen. And I liked how the scene built up too and in the end Kate was the prey!


    And I LOVED the Kate and Maggie scenes.  They were awesome and I love how even in the worse circumstance Maggie is not crumbling.  She is standing stronge and she is aware of everything going on around her.  I think she is the perfect Matriach of the Horton family.


    I was sooooo rooting for Maggie!  This was the best scene of the entire show.  I think Maggie needed someone to unleash her anger and pain on and Kate fit the bill perfectly, couldn’t have happened to a better person.  I love how after Maggie kicked her out she said "That felt good".  Awesome scene!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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