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    Once again while Nicole and EJ talked on the bench, by the cold Salem River in December, wearing coats, those kids played on the ground next to fake snow!  Insane!!!


    I just cringed when I saw that. Once again the writers have proven that the viewers are more intelligent than they are and we know that as far as they are concerned you can’t fix stupid! But once in a great while they redeam themselves with scenes like tomorrows with Sami and Johnny. I know it pulled at my heart strings and credit has to go to Ali and the boy, very touching.


    I guess this sounds stupid, but I have to ask;  are all the trees and plants in Salem evergreens?    Seems that more trees should have changed the colors of leaves and also shed them to leave bare limbs.

    As to the children, wouldn’t it make more sense for the children to go outside in Stefano’s garden so they can run inside when they get cold.  I know going to the park was for the plot , so Sami would run into them, but it is still stupid!



     Since they use sets, can’t they find fake trees that have bare branches or not have as many green leaves on them?  Or at the very least get some trees with brown leaves or spray paint them?  Just for a little realism.



    they are actually pretty realistic with their greenery.  The ones that are still green ARE evergreens and the others are deciduious.  They can hardly use bare branches because they don’t hide what they are trying to discuise at the back of the sets.

    If you’ll notice the ivy on the walls outside the Pub, they have some colored leaves on them which is what happens to ivy in the winter.  I’d say, for a change, they got something right.

    As for the kids playing on the cold ground, I don’t know about everybody else but, growing up in cold, cold, Wisconsin, that never stopped us.  In fact, most of the time we were dressed so warmly (ala the poor little kid in A Christmas Story) that we welcomed a little "coldness" on our little hot bodies.

    Speaking of backgrounds, what does everybody think of that color they painted the Dimansion foyer.  I’m not sure if I like it or not, it’s kinda dark but I guess that lends itself to the mansion itself.

    On another note, I laughed yesterday when Victor referrerd to his abode as "a compound."  Sound’s like the Godfather’s residence to me.


     I noticed that quite a bit lately,  the foyer in the Dimansion.  not sure I like it either.  I know Ive painted my kitchen purple but this is like a magenta color.    I thought they colored it purple it one time.  Not sure what color would look good in there but magenta …..ewww.  


    able to see the wall board in the back ground holding the trees up LOL!  I remember before I ever got caught up in Days seeing soaps when surfin’ thru the channels and they looked the same "fake" as Day’s does today…budget crunch is hitting everywhere.  I thought a few years ago that eventually the scenery would be all done and generated with computers like so many of the movies these days…guess that is too expensive too right now.   Can of paint (no matter how ugly the color) is cheaper than new stairs, furniture and updated paneling in the DeMansion.

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