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    Jason47.com presents A Tribute to Mickey Horton. Take a look back at the history of Mickey Horton and the romance he shared with Maggie Simmons. The tribute features a pictorial history of Mickey, a timeline of Mickey and Maggie’s romance, first episode scripts of Mickey and Maggie, as well as the script of Mickey and Maggie’s first wedding in 1974. Plus read several interviews that John Clarke and Suzanne Rogers gave through the years, highlighting their long runs in Salem. Also, many video links are provided of Mickey throughout the years, including one of his first episode from November 8, 1965. Whether you are a long-time "Days" fan or a new viewer, please enjoy this special tribute to one of Salem’s most beloved citizens.    http://www.jason47.com


    You’ve been a solid core for us DOOL watchers over the years, and this current effort is much appreciated.


    I don’t understand.  Why are they doing this tribute to Mickey and have totally disregarded Mrs. H?  I have mentioned several times in the past how nice it would be if they could give her a tribute BEFORE she dies instead of waiting until after the fact when she couldn’t enjoy it herself.  Go figure!


    That was a great tribute.  I LOVED seeing all those old pictures, it certainly brings back a lot of fond memories.

    And for those of you worrying about Hope’s weight, check out the picture on the bottom left taken in 2000.  I think she’s thinner then than she is now.


    I am still missing Mickey for four (forgot it was 2010 now), five years and will miss John Clark now forever – he was always the one true "Mickey".  I think he got more handsome as he grew older…distinguished looking gentleman.  Thanks for the wonderful memories in  putting this tribute together for us all Jason.


    "Mickey" retired long ago, so he is gone from the show.

    "Gran" is still living and not being written out.  If she has dementia or alzheimer’s, as has been reported, she wouldn’t remember a tribute.

    Just my thoughts.


    Beautiful tribute, Jason.  Thanks for sharing it with us!


    Lots of great memories there!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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