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    Former "Days" fan favorites Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) and Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) return to "Days" this fall. Camila Banus joins the cast as a newly-aged Gabi Hernandez. Former contract cast member Eileen Barnett guests as a nun. Soap vets Stacy Haiduk, Robin Mattson and Ty Treadway make guest appearances in the next few months. Actor French Stewart (3rd Rock From the Sun) also makes an appearance. Complete biographies of each actor are listed below. http://www.jason47.com

    Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Deveraux) is returning to "Days of Our Lives" this November. Reeves portrayed Jennifer from 1985-1995 and again from 2000-2006. Unlike her guest appearances in June for Alice’s memorial, this time she will be on contract. No word yet on whether Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux, Jennifer’s husband) will be returning as well. Reeves was nominated for a Daytime Emmy as younger actress in 1992. She has also won four Soap Opera Digest Awards for her role as Jennifer. Reeves, 43, was born March 14, 1967 in Eatontown, New Jersey. She has been married to actor Scott Reeves, whom she met on the "Days" set, since 1990. They have two children, Emily and Lawrence.

    Camila Banus will be replacing Gabriela Rodriguez in the role of Gabi Hernandez in late September/early October. Her first tape date was Friday, July 30. "Days" made the change in order to age the character of Gabi a few years. Rodriguez turned 17 in March, while Banus just turned 20 in July. Banus appeared as Lola Mendez on "One Life to Live" from 2008-2009 and has made guest appearances on "Dexter" and "I’m With the Band." She has also made numerous appearances on many Telemundo and Univision series. Banus was born on July 22, 1990 in Miami, Florida.

    Mary Beth Evans returns to "Days" on September 21 as Kayla Brady Johnson. No word yet on how long Kayla will be staying in Salem this time. Evans appeared on "Days" from 1986-1992 and again from 2006-2009. She also returned briefly in June for Alice’s memorial. Evans, 49, was born on March 7, 1961 in Pasadena, California. She has been married to Dr. Michael Schwartz since 1985. They have three children: Daniel, Katherine and Matthew.

    Former contract cast member Eileen Barnett, who played Stephanie Woodruff (an alias of her character’s real name, Brooke Hamilton) on "Days of Our Lives" from September 1978 through February 1980, returns to "Days" as Sister Anne on Wednesday, August 4. Barnett’s husband since 1991 is actor Bruce French, who appeared on "Passions" for its entire run as Father Lonigan, the blind priest. Barnett, 64, was born May 8, 1946 in Chicago, Illinos.

    Long-time soap opera veteran Robin Mattson will be appearing on "Days" in October as Lee. She will be involved in the prison storyline along with Stacy Haiduk, who will be playing Jane, the warden. She began her acting career as a child in 1966, making her soap debut on "Guiding Light" in 1976. Through the years, she has appeared on "General Hospital", "Ryan’s Hope", "Santa Barbara", "All My Children", "The Bold and the Beautiful", and most recently on "As the World Turns" in 2007. Mattson has been nominated for four Daytime Emmy Awards, as well as winning five Soap Opera Digest Awards. Mattson, 54, was born on June 1, 1956 in Los Angeles, California. She has been married to Werner Roth since 2006.


    Stacy Haiduk will be appearing on "Days" in September in the role of Jane, a prison warden. Haiduk began her acting career with a four-year stint as Lana Lang on "The Adventures of Superboy" from 1988-1992. She has also had series regular roles on "The Round Table", "Seaquest 2032", "Kindred: The Embraced", "All My Children" and just recently wrapped her stint playing a dual role on "The Young and the Restless." Haiduk, 42, was born on April 24, 1968 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has been married to actor Bradford Tatum since 1997.


    Ty Treadway will appear on "Days" this fall as Dr. Jason Walters. Treadway started out as Colin MacIvor on "One Life to Live", but more recently has been known for hosting "Soap Talk", "Merv Griffin’s Crosswords", and "American Idol Extra." Treadway, 43, was born on Feberuary 11, 1967 in Trenton, New Jersey. He has been married to Monica Surratt since 2003. They have two children, Samantha and Ryder.

    French Stewart, who starred as Harry Solomon on "3rd Rock From the Sun" from 1996-2001, will be guest starring on "Days" this fall. This will be Stewart’s second appearance on "Days." Just before making it big on "3rd Rock", Stewart appeared as a robber on "Days" in 1995. He was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2000 for his voiceover work on the animated series "Hercules." Stewart, 46, was born on February 20, 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


    in the Day’s line up!  Thanks Jason!  Something to look forward to this fall!


    in the Day’s line up!  Thanks Jason!  Something to look forward to this fall!


    Ooops hit the button twice…


     additions to the hospital staff, and something to do with the convent?  Shall we guess who’s going to be involved in which stories?  

    Prison- I’m thinking maybe Vivian or Carly as they seem to be using the 40 somethings in this one and with another female involved in it, I’d guess it’s a woman going to jail.  There’s no mention of Anna so I’m guessing Stef has taken care of her in his own way.

    Hospital- I’m betting Chloe’s OB.

    Convent- hmmm, could be Sami or Chloe.  


    Any thoughts from the smart people @ Salemplace?



    I love him, he’s such a cutie.  I always watched Merv ‘Griffin’s Crosswords" mostly because of him.  He’d be a good match for Carly.


    maybe it’s gonna be a SL with Hope (since i’m assuming, once her "night life" gets found out, she’ll have to do some jail time)?!


    Maybe she’ll be sent to a psychiatric prison and that’s where the guard and doctor come in, a new psychiatrist on staff who also sees patients at the prison.  That’s how Marlena started, she was Larua’s psychiatrist when she was first institutionalized.

    Sami will be so confused trying to make a choice between EJ and Rafe that she’l go to the only place she had peace and could think without being pressured or her and Rafe go there together and we’ll FINALLY find out what his connection to the convent is.  But then again perhaps Chloe and Daniel break up and she goes off to the convent to have her baby or decides she’s lethal to men and becomes a nun.


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