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    Send your hats, gloves, mittens, scarfs, boots and parkas to Hell because it has finally frozen over.

    I have removed Days from my recording schedule after 40+ years of religious viewing; yes, I have thrown in the towel.  After missing so many days while in the hospital and recovering (which, unfortunately I am still in the process of doing), I just didn’t have any desire to watch it any more.  I tried a couple of episodes and found it to be trite, rediculous, unbelievable and no longer worth my time.  Of course we have always known that was the case but we hung in there anyway.  In fact, I will admit, I was probably one of the worst addicts so I am definitely not disparaging any of you.  :o)  So, I have cut the cord and pretty sure it is permanent.

    But, I want to thank everybody here, first for your concern about my poor broken hips and lack of recovery but, mostly, for the enjoyment this group has given me in the past. Good and bad, it was always stimulating and enjoyable.  So, carry on, peeps and hold down the fort until they decide to ultimately pull the plug.  Who knows, some day we may all meet in that big Salem Place in the sky and rehash the entire decades we have enjoyed.

    Ta-ta all!

    Bonnie (Bonbon)


    on this board, Bonbon! I hope you check in from time to time, even if just to write comments on The Brady Pub.

    And, I surely do hope your recovery goes better in the coming weeks! 



    but I’m still not convinced you have given it up forever. I’ve gone through quite long stretches when I didn’t watch (like summers with dumb teen stories) and thought I had no desire to view again, but then I did.
    I will miss your commentary and wish you all the best in the future an with your recovery.


     Don’t bail on us just because the writers suck.


     Well I am glad to hear from you and hope your recovery is going well.  Don’t go, just watch on Monday’s and Fridays.  Or just come here and let us keep ya posted on all the craziness.


     So glad to see you’re back. Sorry hell froze over, but I’m very happy to see that you’re able to post on here. I hope you are healing well. I’ve been thinking about you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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