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    how Chad is supposedly “endangering” Thomas. Where is that evidence? Yeah, Chad is a wreck and obsessed with finding Abby, but how is that making him unfit as a father? Jenn and Co keep accusing and badgering him of hiding Abigail away. And it’s not like he doesn’t have help in carrying for Thomas.


     because she sure as heck deserved it.  She is being completely unreasonable to think she can just take Thomas away from his father simply because she thinks she’s better qualified as a parent.  I especially am extremely disappointed in Doug and Julie’s interference in this, because they (at least Doug) are the ones who egged Jen on in the first place.  I just wish Chad would have sought out a "Father’s Rights" lawyer rather than ask Belle to take this on.  What experience does she have with child custody lawsuites, and obviously Doug has researched some attorneys who do specialize in it.  Bad move by Chad, but then again I’m sure he’s not thinking clearly enough right now.  In any case, it was music to my ears to hear Chad blast Jen today on her addiction, because he was right on point with one very important fact:  drugs and pills will fill you with strife, but addiction stays with you for the rest of your life!!!  You can stay clean and sober, but you are never free from it.  Stupid woman….I hope you lose!  You can’t be depended on by your adult children let alone an infant.  Hate this sl!!!


    Jen feels guilty because Abigail’s problem is from her side. So she is trying to take it out on Chad. 

    As far as I can see she really doesn’t have a prayer. She has a job (I guess) so she will have to hire someone to Thomas…just like Chad has. She is a recently admitted addict/dependent druggie

     Chad was right on talking about back pain from carrying Thomas. Who says she won’t relapse? 

    But I can’t stand St. Jennifer. So I won’t ever be on her side. 


     in watching.  Not because I didn’t have time, because I just wasn’t interested.  Last night I watched three episodes and have to admit to something I RARELY do…I FFed through much of it.  It seemed like the acting was strained and they just weren’t in to it.  Maybe that transferred to me but, whatever is happening, I am entertaining thoughts of bailing on this sorry excuse for entertainment.  Everything is so horribly unrealistic and ho-hum.  What to do, what to do…

    Apparently I’m not the only one either, look at this site, no posts for THREE days?  It’s pretty bad when not only do we not have anything good to say but nothing bad either.  No nits to pick, no kudos to bestow.  Hey, people, let’s get this fixed and earn your salary, okay?


    through periods where it is less about Days than about me. I just lose interest for awhile and don’t watch whole episodes for days on end. I don’t think the show has been that bad over the past week or so and at least there has been action.
    Not to say Days has been stellar by any stretch and so many characters and SLs really need to go.


    I record the shows. Unfortunately, I get about 5 or 6 shows behind and find myself watching Fridays and Mondays. I’m going to try and do better now that Sonny will be back. 


     I’ve watched one show in the past 2 weeks.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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