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    I was so excited when I thought Stephano overhead EJ talking to Anna about Sydney yesterday.  If this storyline is going to drag out until Ari gets back, it needs a good twist and turn or two.  Stephano’s involvement could add a layer of complexity to a plot that’s starting to go flat. 


    It would make EJ spin if Stefano and Nicole hooked up to get Sydney back!  I’d PAY money to see that!


    to be anybody’s fool, and if E.J. thinks he has "people," I’m sure they all know who his father is, so I’m not counting Stefano out and think he will be right in the middle of this mess soon.  Either E.J. will become the new DiMera king, or Stefano will get mad enough to show him who is.  The hell with this storyline; I really would like to see E.J. go down in a ball of flames trying to outdo Stefano, and unless these dumb writers plan to put Stefano ( or I should say Joe M.) out to pasture once again, I believe that’s exactly what will happen.


     then have her keep Sydney where only Stefano can visit her?  I could see that one.  Nicole would go along with it IF it meant she gets out of jail and gets to keep Sydney too!


    I realize with Ari’s leave they had to drag this SL out a little longer, but seriously, maybe have it only on once a week.  Because I don’t think I can handle Rafe and Sami having the SAME argument over and over.  Nor can I handle EJ’s smug looks around Sami.  It is just the same thing over and over and over.  It is really tiring.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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