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    Hurricane season in the Gulf and Atlantic doesn’t start until June…

    Carol J

    But it’s a "freak" hurricane…only on DOOL.


     This is maddening to me!  I live on the Gulf Coast, and you are right bluebonnet, it’s June through November.  So we are just about as far from hurricane season as possible.  The other thing that is ridiculous is that it’s a "freak" hurricane!  The grace of a hurricane, as opposed to most natural disasters, is that you have PLENTY of notice.  We always have time to do laundry, pack, load up heirlooms, board up the house, and beat the traffic out of town before it even gets cloudy.  Days really can stretch things, but I have such a hard time swallowing this one!


    Hurricane Nicole!!!- lol


    And this is stupid. Tornadoes are "freakish" not hurricanes. You see the hurricane develop and they track it. They don’t pop up out of no where. But this is not unusual for the writers. How often do we see snow in Salem and the women are running around in high heel strappy sandals–outside. Or they’re wearing short sleeves in winter. The writers and wardrobe people need to go spend sometime in the upper midwest and see what winter is really like. They also need to watch the weather channel so they can get a clue that hurricanes aren’t "freak" and out of nowhere. Very stupid!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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