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    Either in the mental ward or the general population at the lock-up. No wonder they are bringing in someone to play the warden: the story will go back and forth between Salem City and Salem Prison


    I just wish something would turn her around. I’m not sure a mental ward or jail would help her at this point, but she is really hard to take these days.


    Jail won’t help.  Been there Done that.  Her mom is a psychiatrist so psychiatric intervention probably won’t help.  She just needs a swift kick in the butt and drugs.


    of the rope with Sami and her antics.  It would be one thing if she straightened up her life, and then something in say two years or so would happen where she’d slip or show the old Sami, but this cluster is her life, one after another after another…


    for an attempted murder charge, and seeing as how she was connected to law enforcement in so many ways herself, it sure wouldn’t be fair if Sami got off on a temporary insanity plea when poor schizophrenic Hope is sitting in jail.  Plus, if we are to believe half of what we see, and nothing of what we hear, the writers are picking up the pace and getting ready for September through March, hoping to lift ratings and not dragging out storylines until the general population is even more disgusted with writers and storylines that go on endlessly.  I think Sami needs some time off-screen though, so that might be one way to do it.


    some facility…what will happen to the children?  EJ will be incapacitated due to being shot and Sami will be in prison.  Who do they have as the guardian?  I’m sure Stefano will do whatever he can to keep Johnny and Sydney, but what about Ali?  Will Kate be able to get Ali and Will and then Stefano get Johnny and Sydney, which will keep them in the Dimera Mansion?  Just wondering what everyone thinks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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