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    Why isn’t Hope fighting for her man?  I would NEVER stand by and let another woman make a move on my man without making my own moves!  What is wrong with her?????



    what is wrong with both of them!  I am disappointed in Bo and Hope both, and I am totally disgusted with Carly – she is right there ready to snatch Bo for herself.  Yuck!



    that’s the trouble with Bo and Hope right now.  Neither wants to admit that they are wrong about anything, and both are stubborn to a fault.  In the meantime, Bo is looking at Carly like some delicious treat who is needy and he’s the only one who can save her from all the bad guys.  Carly sees that in Bo, and is using it to her advantage.  She can pull this routine off so well, because she’s making it look like she doesn’t want to come between them, but she keeps coming back to their house, or he keeps following her around like a puppy, all the while claiming he still loves his fancy face.  This entire story is starting to bore me.  I’m at the point where I don’t’ much care what happens, just move on to something interesting.  Poor Ciara….that kid will be a runaway before she’s 13, which will probably be next year anyway.


    Totally hate how they have ruined these character!!!!


    I agree.  Bo wants to be everyone’s Knight in Shining Armor and Carly is his new Damsel in Distress.  I’m seeing that’s how it was with Billie when she came back the last few times.  She needed help and Bo was right there not thinking how Hope would react or seeing the ulterior motives of his Damsels. 

    Hope on the other hand is quick to point fingers and shift the blame for what she’s done or her reactions to everyone else.  She wants to be the center of everyone’s universe and can’t realize that Bo, even though he’s everyone’s Knight still thinks the sun rises and sets with her and when she gets feels ignored by Bo she runs into the arms of the closest guy who shows her any attention.



    Hope is driving me nuts too. How about her and Bo go to some marriage counseling? They aren’t getting anywhere and they are just having the same conversation about their problems and not being able to get past them. Then do something else! If you change nothing you stay in exactly the same place. Well I am bored with this place. Writers move this along please!

    Also if you have Carly get with Bo I’m changing the channel.


    There is nothing new here except for Carly’s return.  Before it was Billie’s return(s)… it’s always something.

    Bo screws up in Hope’s eyes, Hope gets ticked, Hope is the victim, Hope runs away, Hope plays mind games, Hope makes Bo jump through hoops and it’s still not good enough, and eventually, Hope comes back.

    Bo can’t figure her out, makes his ample share of mistakes, does too little, too late, does nothing, does something with somebody else… oblivious to it all, and eventually, Hope comes back.

    In real life if either of them was my friend, I’d tell them to file for divorce.  Neither has any respect or trust for each other, there’s been plenty of infidelity to go around, and both seem to presently have wandering eyes.  That doesn’t make for any kind of real reconciliation.



    driving me nuts too. At least the writers give Bo some good lines sometimes like " You left with OUR daughter!" Sometimes they give him B%LLS. But other times he is the jester. Hope needs to realize that she did leave and kept saying they had issues, now she is pissed Carly is back and is using her as an excuse as to why they are not back at "Their" home. I FF through most of them now. I am tired of Hopes antics and Bo’s "dumbness". Sorry that is just MY opinion.


    I can’t stomach the whole Bo and Hope story anymore.  Hope is DRIVING me nuts and Bo just seems nieve or something.  I can’t figure it out.  Divorce already….for pete’s sake!!

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