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    Hey!  Board looks great!  just wondering if all the Annex people are still going to post to the Annex board, since we can post to all the boards.


    Thanks Jenn and her friend that helped with the page :) I have always wanted to be able to post on the main board. 


    I too have always wanted to be a member.  Thanks for allowing us to join.




    I am so glad to be able to post on this board – have read it for a long time and felt like I already knew many of you!  Looking forward to discussing Days!!


    I got on board with the annex after the main board had stopped accepting new members. I always wished I could reply on this board so, I am so glad that I can now be part of the new one.


    I am hoping that we can all post together as friends on the Main board.  I hope the original members don’t feel over run by all of us joining in with them.  Thanks to Jenn, we all now have a chance to enjoy "Days" conversation together.


    I just wanted to say Hello to everyone.


    I’ve been a lurker for quite a few years and am SO excited to be able to finally post and comment on posts!  I feel like so many of you are ‘family’ because I’ve laughed, prayed and worried about you!

    I’ve been watching Days for over 40 years off and on but on for the last 26.   I ws around when the ‘super couples’ ruled!

    Thanks Jen, for giving us the opportunity to interact with everybody!!


    Welcome to all of you new posters.  It is always great to discuss Days with new and old friends.  I too lurked for years before I could post and it was great to finally be able to get on the board.


    Jenn does a wonderful job and many many thanks to her for this opportunity.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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