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    My first topic post! haha

    Anyways, I’m gonna try posting this on the main board instead of the annex.

    What did everyone think of Gabi? I’ll have to see more of her, but something tells me, she’ll meet Will soon and might start liking him, which Mia won’t like.

    Oh, and what mother goes to grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving and doesn’t take her teenaged daughter with her? Also, when we were first introduced to Rafe, it was said that he grew up in an orphanage, so where’s these 2 sisters coming from? Did they just rewrite Rafe’s history?


     Rafe spent a lot of time at the orphanage, not necessarily being an orphan living there.   He indicated that the nuns put him on the right path. I guess it’s possible that the mother ‘gave him’ to the nuns to raise when she couldn’t control him.  No mention of the father so I wonder if that means a bunch of different ‘fathers’ or as I tend to refer to them when they are around for the deed only: sperm donors.


    I also wondered what mother would send her daughter to go find her brother/sister when she was leaving town to go visit her mother on a holiday no less?!  That story sounded so contrived!  What is really strange is that neither Rafe nor Arianna seemed to think it was strange that their mother did that with their sister.  Maybe she isn’t a very responsible mother?  More likely just a way for the writers to add a new character to the screen.


     I think you’re right in the hooking up with Will or Chad.  


    I think it’s too soon to tell,  I sort of like her so far.  but she’ll probably end up being a trouble maker. You’re probably right about her liking Will too. I thought Rafe was raised in the orphanage too but maybe his mom was just a bad mom and he spent time with the nuns instead.

    Wasnt that chick on the island that Belle and Shawn were on when they were hiding from Phillip named Gaby? 


    Assumption #1 – everything is contrived.  Having said that, it is totally weird that she would be sent by herself from wherever (does their mom live in Salem?) without the mom calling Rafe or his sister.  And since we know she is not a short term actress, why will she end up staying there with them?  I know!  The mom needs to stay with the grandmother to take care of her so Gabi will have to stay with her brother and sister and go to Salem High.  And, of course, she will fall for Will which is totally weird since her brother is living with Will’s mom.


    It’s not the first time that Days has introduced a character and after he/she caught on wrote in a whole new family.

    Who came first? Brandon or Nicole Walker?  And then there was another sister.  And did they all have different fathers?  Because eventually we learned Brandon’s father was Abe Carver.  Funny that during all those scenes with Nicole & Sami, the subject of Sami being married to Nicole’s brother never came up. :)




    Looks like Days is trying to set up the Hernandez’ as the new family in town. Of course, details are always hazy so they can introduce characters who will – surprise! – end up as relatives.
    I can’t read Gaby yet, but could well set up a wedge between Mia and Will which is Days’ M.O., though Chad might figure in as well.


    Too soon for me to judge; however, I can say it was a bad lead-in for her character to just show up, claiming their mother sent her to find her adult brother and sister.  Messy writing, IMO.  I also thought Rafe was raised in the orphanage.  That’s why I couldn’t wrap myself around the story of him and Ariana being so close in their relationship.  But, the idea of him being put on the right path by the good Sisters of the Holy Cross makes much more sense.  Maybe the mom and dad were really bad parents and the kids ran away.  Maybe that’s what’s happening here with Gabi.  Guess we’ll have to wait to find out, but to just accept that the mother would send a 16 year old to seek out the whereabouts of her older, adult siblings is not believable to me.


    Rafe was NOT raised in the orphanage. He has told the story of his family living in the neighborhood, of how he was on the streets in the wrong crowd (gangs or something) and how the good Sister (Agnes?) took him under her wing and got him on the straight and narrow. Sami once asked him if he had other family and he only said he did not want to talk about that now.

    When Arianna first appeared, she definitely said she & Rafe had not seen each other for a long, long time.

    And it was Nicole who first appeared in Salem, followed soon by Taylor & Brandon. I remember Taylor was using a different last name and Nicole did not want anyone to know she was her sister. Nicole & Taylor had the same parents, Brandon was the result of an affair. Nicole’s father was very abusive, which is how Abe came to be involved in the family’s lives.


    Too soon to tell, but I can already see that she’s a good actress.  She’s not stiff at all and her lines don’t sound rehearsed like some of the other teen actors’ sometimes do.


    So far that’s the way I see her.  She should be answering some questions posed by Rafe and Ariana, not asking them.  Did she really expect any answers with her "yeah, I know, I’m just a kid" line.  Hello…hell, yeah you are.  And, from the looks of things, she’s going to need all the help she can from her big sis and bro, because from the way she’s starting out, she’s heading for trouble.  I’m just trying to figure out if they’re going to put her with Will or with Chad, because we all know that as soon as someone new comes on board, these writers have to immediately pair them up with someone.  I think it might be will, because he’ll probably be ripping her apart once he learns she helped Nicole escape.  How stupid was Nicole to insist she take that bracelet, when it will probably be recognized by E.J. once he sees it.  Anyway, right now Gabby is annoying as all hell to me, but if I have to choose who’s the better actor here, she seems to have it all over both Mia and Will, although I think Casey is the best out of the teen set.  Please, please, please, give him some scenes with Molly.  I think they would shine together.


    I’m not too impressed with Gabi so far.  It seems like she has a chip on her shoulder (typical teenager?) and can’t seem to give anybody a civil answer to their questions. 

    And, I’m wondering how everybody knew that was Nicole’s bracelet.  There was nothing distinctive about it, it was just a plain diamond tennis bracelet.  There must be thousands like it.  And what made Ari think it was so valuable?  I could very well have been a cz.



    Perhaps Gabi feels a little justified in having an attitude.  Here she is a teenager supposedly sent by her Mother to check on her 2 older siblings.  We don’t know the circumstances of Gabi’s home life; after Ari was in prison for drugs and Rafe left without a call from him for a year,  she may have had a difficult time facing the fallout caused by their behavior.  It sounds as if she has a ‘less than concerned Mom’.

    The bottom line is that we know next to nothing about her, except that she is pretty and a teenager.  If the Hernandez family is to be a big part of Salem, we need to learn some back ground.       Goody

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