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    Here’s an article fro Soap Opera Digest by Ken Corday on the tribute planned for Frances Reid and how they plan on handeling Alice’s death.




    actually listen’s to the fans!  Not that I am being presumptious on our behalf here but from what the article said, (in your post Deelan), Mr. Corday has laid out in plans for "Alice’s death" and how the show will treat it with respect and dignity due to Francis Reid.  This is what a lot of us were asking for.  Kudo’s to "Day’s" powers that be!


    I know that most soaps do not pay proper tribute to a veteran when they pass on; however, in Frances’ case, it would have been a travesty not to pay an on-air tribute to this fabulous lady, who, along with Jeanne Cooper of The Young & the Restless, has become synonymous with upholding the matriarch role on DOOL since the show’s beginning in 1965.  Good for you, Ken Corday, and thank you.  I’m sure you made your parents proud.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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