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     WOW, this was a shocker to me; not that it is happening, but that Ken Corday would reveal it so early.  On May 25th, Corday sat down with SON to do an interview on his new book, and here is an excerpt from the interview regarding Sami and E.J., which makes this fan very happy, indeed, but EJami fans ….. well …… not so much maybe.  Here is the quote:


    "Speaking of couples, I started watching ‘DAYS’ in the mid-1990’s and my favorite character is Sami Brady [Corday interjects and says ‘me too!’].  From her days trying to get Austin, while finding love with Lucas, to getting with E.J., to her drama with Rafe, and now she’s toying around with E.J. again.  Is that the type of storylines you are referring to when it comes to couples?"


    "Yes, that is what I was referring to.  I truly believe the viewers want Sami and Rafe together.  You know, Sami can be her own worst enemy and this time she’s not doing it in a vindictive way.  She’s just being pulled in by this not so nice guy [E.J.].  That will come to a conclusion sometime right after Labor Day.  I think viewers will be very happy to see Sami being the strong Sami, who is taking things into her own hands.  I wish I could tell you the plot points, but I can’t!  I can say you can expect a lot of surprises and viewers will get what they want, which is Sami and Rafe back together again."


    Back to me – so I can honestly say on the one hand that I am extremely happy about this, however, on the other, I never would have expected Ken Corday to give up this big of a reveal this early.  Pleasantly surprised, though, I must say.

    For entire interview, see:



    I for one had no desire to see EJ and Sami together after all of his wicked deeds, especially the rape. That was so wrong. Glad to see that Sami and Rafe will get back together. The writers have really put us on a roller coaster ride and I for one will be happy when it is over.


    we should take everything that Ken Corday says with a big grain of salt?  What he says and what happens are so often different.



    "the viewers will get what they want"? WHAT?! that’s a load of crap! The majority of the viewers want Sami and EJ together, not Sami and Rafe! Ugh! I’m so totally through with this show come Labor Day. A LOAD OF CRAP THIS IS! Oh well…I guess I have a few months left to "enjoy" what’s left of the romance betwix Sami and EJ before the writers SCREW things up again! 


    I wouldn’t worry about it.  They way they keep writing for Sami there’s going to be many more years of her running back to EJ or EJ tricking Sami into being with him.   Of course in between those times Sami will be with Rafe and ? and ? and ?.  It’s like she stuck in a revolving door and it keeps going back to EJ.  


    I was going to say the very same thing…what Corday or the show says is one thing…what they will do will be another…I predict (and I am a Sami/EJ fan although I do like Rafe with Sami but he deserves better)  that Sami and Rafe will come back together at or around Labor Day – just like Mr. Corday said…however, after about three months or so of somewhat bliss and lovey dovey stuff between them – something will happen for the November "sweeps" (don’t they always have November and May sweeps?) – and viola! EJ will be lurking to pluck Sami from her happiness nest once again…

    Ms. Jake


    I don’t get it? Rafe is a third wheel in this mess! She’s had four kids, two by Lucas and two by EJ, so why is it now that Rafe is the love of her life??? YES! he deserves better! I see her always going back between Lucas & EJ. How many more lives can she ruin???She will never messure up and be the kind of person deserving of Rafe!!!


    She should be with Lucas!!!  I know I know it’s too late for that, but you never know.


    I actually do like Sami with Rafe… but that’s beside the point.  What Corday says and what actually happens don’t always match.

    He probably can’t reveal the details because they have no idea how they will get from point A to point B… over the last ump-teen years, storylines have been so scattered that there never seems to be an outcome in mind from the onset.  I think writers back in the day would start with point A but know what the eventual point B would be, and then write all kinds of twists and turns to get there, but knowing full well where they’d end up.

    Now they just seem to fly by the seat of their pants, and the chips fall where they may, and usually leave a stream of inconsistencies and loose ends.

    I was never a fan of Sami and Lucas – the character of Lucas was always weak and submissive.  I’ve seen Bryan D’Atillo on other TV shows and video clips, and he seems infinitely more attractive when he’s being himself, or at least "not Lucas" but Lucas is just a really weak character to me.  And it’s not Bryan’s portrayal either – it’s the stuff the character is made of (or the lack of "stuff".)

    EJ – well so many people are all over the moon because he’s English and all that stuff.. well my Dad is English so I’m not all "Anglophile" over him.  He’s a good looking guy I suppose, but he’s not the type that appeals to me either.  I will agree that I’d much prefer to see him in casual clothes – who plays with their kids while wearing a suit and tie anyway???  Hate to see his dry-cleaning bill!!  I wish he’d go back to a shorter haircut too – the Jimmy Stewart-style long, slicked back sort of look was nice when It’s a Wonderful Life was filmed, but I don’t think it’s very becoming now.

    I seem to remember when EJ was a race car driver, he wore casual clothes, and he looked a lot better, IMO.  At least dress for the circumstances.  Courtroom/business, fine.  At home playing with the kids – how about jeans or at least khakis or sweats or *something*.

    Now I’m just rambling :)

    I wouldn’t take Corday’s words to the bank – been disappointed on that plenty of times before… but for what it’s worth, I’d rather see Sami with Rafe, regardless of who all the baby daddies are.


    Ms. Jake

    Oh, I do agree about the character of Lucas being rather weak….but I thought it worked with Sami’s character, and they had so much history together. Plus Lucas and her were so close they plotted and planned together and knew each other’s personality so well! As Lucas matured (sort of) he was trying to help Sami be a better person for their son. Rafe, on the other hand …is simular to Austin, ( Sami’s ideal) and frankly to me that story played out. I don’t buy Sami’s character EVER changing to be straight foward honest enough to be in a trustworthy  everlasting relationship with Rafe…. But, then it’s a soap, sooooo who’s everlasting? I don’t know…I just saw Rafe with a younger version of a Jennifer type…that’s all.


    He is an evil person and shouldn’t have anyone but another evil person like Nicole. I thought she was becoming a better person, but that is just not her spots. If E.J. and Sami end up together, I hope Rafe finds a wonderful woman and Samil gets to see how great her life might have been if she hadn’t chosen the swave thug.


    I think Ali said pretty much the same thing earlier in the year, that fans would get "what they want," but that before that, fans might be throwing things at the TV.  I took that to mean that Sami would be hooking up with EJ for awhile. 

    The way I look at it, Sami having feelings for EJ makes the the revelation that he was behind Sydney’s kidnapping much more dramatic.  Who’d care if Sami was still hating EJ and thinking him capable of dispicable acts? 

    Sami’s world will be torn apart when she discovers the truth and the fact that Rafe has risked life and limb to unearth the truth for her.  JMHO


    Every time I hear Sami apologize to EJ for this or that, I think, but he raped you–you never have to apologize to him for anything, ever.  Personally, I think she should slap him every time he smiles at her, but she seems to have forgotten about the whole thing entirely.

    I like Rafe, but I think Sami should end up alone, she’s just too much for any person to live with.  The pursuit of men is her downfall.  Perhaps she could take up knitting or something.  :)


    After all, she was very fond of that convent! 


    I really doesn’t matter, cause in soap land a happy couple is a boring couple. It won’t be long until "a lie or not telling the whole story" will come between whoever Sami is with. It is always about honesty and how keeping things drive couples apart.

    Personally, I am still a Lumi fan and always will be.  I wish it would come out that Johnny is really Lucas’s child. I can never accept Sami with EJ. He is a pscho and control freak. Rafe is a good person, much too naive for Sami. Lucas knows her faults and can get past them.

    As for EJ –he WAS happy with Nicole and she truly loved him. I think they could have been a good couple. She was desparate cause she knew he would throw her out without a child. He threw out Sydnay when he thought she wasn’t his!!! I would have like to see them raise Sydney and Sami have Grace until later on when the switch was revealed and then ask the question do you keep the child you raised or go for your "bio" child. Would make for good TV.

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