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    We learned today under Kate’s new master plan, that she has set the seed for Mel to get back w/Phil and go after Parker.
    From the getgo Chloe has been an absentee mom – taking off to deal w/her own issues and leaving infant Parker w/just about everyone in Salem. Her behavior in the pub, not picking up Parker while Phil has to step in. And now the latest w/forgetting to leave a bottle for Parker and Maggie (w/no idea where Chloe was) having to track her down.
    Is Chloe being made a bad mom just to justify this new plot? Or are these behaviors justified due to the paternity shock, her separation from Dan and all the fallout from her lies – perhaps sending her toward a breakdown?
    Or do you think, knowing her character Chloe was never fit for motherhood?
    Is this a case of plot driving character or character driving plot?


    "Or do you think, knowing her character Chloe was never fit for motherhood?"  Even when Daniel was still with Chloe before the Christening disaster – she left Parker several times.  I don’t think Chloe is having a break down, she can still remember to get dolled up and have hair and make-up perrrrrrrrrrrrrfect…but she can’t remember a bottle for her son? 

    And when Maggie asked her today "what about your mother?" Chloe said, I don’t want her to know or any other people…" (or something to that effect).   Heck fire woman!  All of Salem knows and it’s mostly you whining and screaming and carrying on at the top of your voice.  GMAB!!!  Chloe is worse than Sami as a mother.  But they (the writers) are going to draggggggggg this story line down the postpartum lane, I, for one, do not and will not buy it for a second.



    Maybe Phillip will take Parker from Chloe and leave town. A better story would be Chloe goes nuts. That way we can get a psychiatrist back on the show–Maybe Marlena could come back. Chloe really needs some help.


    I’d said in another thread that Chloe is not comfortable with kids/babies and not the mothering type.  Remember how she bumbled and complained about being alone with Aly when she was with Lucas?  So, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for her not to think about an extra bottle for the baby.  Heck, I’m wondering how she manages to remember to feed him when she’s alone with him.


    when Maggie was talking about what was best for Parker and Chloe blurts out, “But what about ME!” She’s becoming quite a despicable character.


     she’s just not worth saving the way she’s being written.  


    Yeah that pissed me off and I’m not even a mom! I’m not at all like Chloe but I know I’m not mother material, so therefore, I don’t have any children. Chloe is definetely not mother material.. All she cares about is herself and getting Daniel back…yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen! Move on and take care of that baby else Mel and Kate will easily take him from you…which is IMO the best thing for Parker!!!

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