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    I loved the scenes between EJ and Nicole today.  They have great chemistry.  Have I said how much I love James Scott?  I think he’s terrific!  

    Here’s how I’d like the whole framing Arianna thing to play out.  What if EJ gets Ari off the hook for the muggings, so she feels indebted to him and then after it comes out that EJ is behind the sydnapping, Sami will of course kick him to the curb, but Arianna can see how sorry he is and that he can be a good person, so she takes pity on him.  Or perhaps she is the one who finds out and has to decide whether to tell the world or keep it to herself? 

    Most of all, though, I can’t WAIT for Nicole to finally be told where to go by Brady.  I don’t know who this Brady is, but the old Brady never would have been this stupid.  I like Eric Martsolf, I don’t think it’s his fault, but the old Brady wasn’t written this gullible, I’m not sure what changed, other than the writers.


    Oh, I long for that too, however, it never seems to happen.   But it sure would be satisfying to see her actually get caught in this plot and have to face the music.

    I like Ari and Brady, although they probably will never be a married couple.


    I like the scenerio about Ari and EJ.  I’m thinking Rafe will find that EJ was behind the kidnappings and as he always does he confides in Ari first.  Ari will convince him to keep quiet because she feels she owes EJ or that EJ has changed.  Or at least she’ll try to convince Rafe to keep quiet but she may warn EJ first.  BUT if Rafe has proof that the DiMera’s were behind his being arrested and in jail she may change her mind about EJ.

    So many possibilities and the writers won’t go with any of them but pull another dull, repetative SL out of the recycle bin.



    any woman he’s with be it Nicole, Sami or Ari…the scene with Nicole and EJ on the pier on Friday was great!  I will be one sad, sad, sad woman if James ever gets to be a movie star someday (not that I don’t wish him all the best) but not to see him on a weekly basis…  well cry me a river!!!



     Watching James and Ari Z. on Friday was like watching a 4th of July display.  The sparks were flying in every direction.  I loved the mirrored banter they were trading with one another, each expressing the ‘yeah, like you’ve got room to talk’ attitude.  I thought for sure when he grabbed her face, that he was going to kiss her.  They both sure looked like they wanted it to happen.  In any case, they were SMOKIN’ HOT!!!


    I’m not holding my breath.  Something will happen, Nicole will skate, so will EJ if/when the truth ever comes out about the Sydnapping.  What about Stefano’s apparent poisoning of Anna?  That will go unacknowledged too, I’m sure.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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