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    What I find most repulsive about Bo carrying on with Carly is not even a flash of remorse or guilt that he is betraying Hope.
    The writers have trashed this pair bigtime, and unless Bo has an epiphany and truly deep down understands and regrets this affair, enough to convince me his philandering is over for good and Hope was, is, and always will be the love of his life – I don’t know if this pair can ever recover.


    OMG! I’m just absolutely disgusted watching Bo go at Carly…YUCK! Can’t believe the writers would write of Bo/Hope’s relationship….especially this way! They need to get rid of Carly…she sucks!


    I’m happy I have to watch it after the fact.  I can ff through these scenes.  I have never liked the Carly character and will be happy when all of the secrets are revealed and we move on to solutions and healing.  In the meantime, I’m keeping my finger poised on the ff button when they are on the screen at the same time.  YUCK


    I FFed through all their scenes today.  I was too disgusted to watch.  I was totally on his side when he was angry and frustrated by Hope, but to go as far as to SLEEP WITH CARLY?!!!  You lost any and all support.  I was already growing upset with him over his constant need to help her and put her first before his daughter and Hope.  But, this is so far over the line.  Makes me sooooooo mad!!!  I hope he feels like crap when he finds out that while he was getting it on with Carly, Hope was mourning the loss of her beloved uncle.


    We all know it’s only a soap, but sometimes it’s so ridiculously over the top. How many of us can find a man (or woman) that we’d jump into bed with on a moment’s notice?  These people must have reverse work schedules where they work 1 hour a day and take 7 hours for lunch.  That way they all have time for jumping into bed with someone else when there’s a glitch in their current relationship.  Repeat, it’s only a soap, it’s only a soap… 



    And I mean it literally.  Bo needs to lose some ugly fat.  I’m glad everybody else was as repulsed as I was when he jumped into bed with Carly.  How could they do that to this couple (Bo and Hope)?  Somebody ought to shoot some writers.

    Boy, Carly sure had some serious whisker burns, didn’t she?  Serves her right!  I don’t think I can watch any more of their scenes I’m so disgusted with Bo.  AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!

    Carol J

    Repulsive isn’t the word for it. FFed through all of their scenes. I don’t know how or if they can redeem Bo’s actions.


    I couldn’t believe what I was  seeing today……That just totally ticked me off….How can these writers be so stupid…

    IDIOTS    **said with  Stephano accent**


    Bo, you are still married!  Just because a couple has problems, even serious problems, that does not give either one the freedom to jump into bed with the first available person.    Bo, I think you have hit a new LOW – sex with Carly.

    Oh, by the way, whose bed were they in?  I was so disgusted I forgot to even look.





    and this time he has no excuse for his actions! I only hope Hope doesn’t do the same thing with Justin.


    How dare them!  I’m so repulsed.   Carly has lost any respect or credibility with me and Bo, well I don’t even know where to begin.  I honestly don’t know that he can recover in my eyes.   This one disgusting act has done it for me.  And then he actually answers his phone and it’s Hope and he tells her it’s not a good time?  WTF really!  Gee, wifey I need to get my rocks off again before I can talk to you.   He’s sunk so deep the Titanic is in clear view! 

    I’m so sad to say that I am now offiicially a *former* Bo fan :(


    pig like he is right now…just a few short weeks ago he was still swearing his undying love for Hope and pining away for her…I know what statistics are for men cheating in this world today but this is essentially a woman’s show (I know there are a lot of men fans) however, that being said – I think us women still even in this day and age and all that we can do – we still want a hero…Bo was always a hero – now, he’s not…I’m sad that the writer’s took away our hero.


    I am just as disgusted as everyone else about the show today.  I also ff through Bo and Carly, because it was way too sickening.  I actually wanted to throw up when they started ripping each others clothes.  This mess can’t be over soon enough.


    I am off the Bo Bandwagon.  I thought the majority of their issues were Hope being an idiot, but not anymore.  Bo is an idiot and I hope he never gets Hope back after he acted today.


    For me, HOPE has been having an affair for weeks, albeit an emotional affair, with Justin.  As far as Bo goes, yep, he’s wrong. No justification. That being said, I would NEVER leave ‘the love of my life’ over some such silliness as Hope did, and when some other woman moved up into my house, I would have been moving on back in when my husband literally BEGGED me to! Hope isn’t a saint in any of this either! The couple has been totally ruined, which was the point anyway. If I were these actors and actresses, I would refuse to do these scenes. This show has gone where Mickey has gone! The death knell should sound for good now!

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