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    After Bo had Carly leave Maggie’s and he looked like he was feeling so sorry for Hope I thought he still had a heart.   Then he went to Carly and kissed her like he did right after leaving Hope………..well they took the heart right out of the REAL BO !  They are not even showing that Bo has second thoughts about jumping ship and being with Carly.   Disgust me.


    This is a different, more angry Bo than I have ever known. Although I must say, running off with another woman when Hope pushes him away has been a behavior of his in the  past.

    Hope acts like someone who needs Marlena in the worst way. I guess I see Carly as more of an opportunist than a home-breaker. She came back just a Bo and Hope’s marriage was in full blown crumble.  I don’t see how the writers will pull Bo and Hope back together unless Bo or Hope has a major near-death experience and the other rushes to their side. Something has to happen to wipe out all memories of their problems of the past five years and focus them on their love.


    I said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t know how they will EVER justify what Bo has done this time.  In the past there were always mitigating circumstances for both of them to account for their actions.  This time, IMO, there is none whatsoever.  As I said, the biggest mistake in TV history is not the Leno/O’Brien fiasco, it’s Bo sleeping with Carly.  They have permanently ruined this couple.


    It’ll come out in some convoluted way that he was undercover, trying to lure Vivian in somehow or there was some other reason he was doing this and he couldn’t tell Hope what was going on.  Then the angry looks won’t be because he’s angry at Hope but that he’s angry at himself because of what this is doing to her. 



    He does seem angry right now.  And really who can blame him? He has put up with an awful lot from Hope over the last few years.  Hope has been testing Bo’s feelings for so long that I think know he has finally decided there isn’t anything he can do to prove to her that he loves her and their daughter. Not that I agree with jumping into Carly’s arms because I don’t really like her character, she is always so desperately needy, but maybe Hope has just pushed him too far this time and he just wants to be with someone who seems to appreciate him. 

    Ms. Jake

    Somethings gotta happen to put these two back together…They’re meant to be! They have to go through ups & downs to keep them interesting…

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