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    Days just confirmed that Lisa Rinna is back taping this week, making her return around mid-February.

    Personally, I’ve never warmed to her version of Billie. I much prefer Julie Pinson, even though her tenure was pretty short. It’s just not believable that Billie could be Kate’s daughter with LR playing her!



    who is she going to go after this time – Rafe?


    The only character aside from Jack that I LOATHE!!!!!!!   The only time I liked Billie was when it was "porn star Billie" aka Krista Allen – and that was b/c she wasn’t written like Billie – but like a whole other character.  

    Words cannot express my disdain for the character –  NOR my complete DISGUIST over the actress.  I really really really do NOT like Lisa Rinna.  On DOOL – on Melrose Place – nothing.  UGH UGH UGH!!!  Why bring Billie back?  Bo is dead – and that was the only relavent SL she ever had.   


    other soaps are like this but Days has a tendency to return characters of the past. How often does this work? Billie’s last stint was barely memorable and I, like you TFlo don’t get the point. Will LR’s presence draw in viewers? I doubt it. And I don’t know how successful Viv will be either – her last appearance lacked the punch of old and let’s face it, she’s not exactly a spring chicken anymore.


     I hope it is at least a good reason for it; otherwise, it’s bad enough putting up with Lisa Rinna.  I would much rather have Julie Pinson in the role. 


    some folks who are not afraid to say what they think of an actress!!! NOT just the character, but the actress. I feel that way about Eileen Davidson (Susan, Kirsten, etal). CANNOT STAND THE WOMAN – on anything!!! In the beginning on these boards, it was improper to “diss” the actress personally. Glad it’s being accepted more. Thanks!


    Bo’s gone :( Chelsea’s gone :)  what possible storyline could she be involved with other than Kate?


    I agree 100% piewoman! I used to like LR but after seeing her on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I cannot stand her either. I don’t watch much of the soap anymore. I still record it but fast forward through practically everything and now with this news, I’ll be watching even less of it and will ff every time she’s on the screen. She is crazy on RHOBH. She is vicious towards certain people and a bit unhinged, and if it’s all an act, then she’s even madder than I thought and will do anything for her career and her daughters’ modeling careers. And Eileen is her side kick. I used to like her but not anymore. This is terrible news.

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