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    Why in the world would Arianna have Justin draw up her will when EJ was her attorney?  And, although everyone should have a will, it’s extremely unlikely that someone her age would have done so.  Plot device?  Yeah, me thinks so.


     Maybe she knew she would be in danger since she found out that Sami shot EJ.  Look at what she’s been through though, in prison for drugs, then gets out to be under cover for the FBI.  and get into life threatening situations.  So it’s not that far fetched that she draws up a will.  I’m just shocked that she has anything to leave anyone.  I just wonder why she left all to Brady, except that she didnt think of changing it after she broke up with brady. 


    I’m guessing she had it drawn up before she was arrested and became fast friends with EJ and never thought about it again.

    Ms. Jake

    That didn’t make any sense to me that the camera she just used to get Sami’s confession was put in a safety deposit box that quickly. She just left the loft, had the same clothes on when she got hit by the car…..it would have been more believable if it was in her room at the pub.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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