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    I thought Ari (Nicole) was not supposed to appear in any of December’s episodes.
    I guess that was incorrect? Does anyone know when she will leave and when she will return? And did Days shoot some of her scenes in advance of maternity leave?


    so we’ll still see her around through December, which will, no doubt, set the plot for some sort of Christmas miracle, I’m supposing.  Her maternity leave is scheduled to be seven weeks, so, depending on when her baby is born, she’ll be out for seven weeks and then return, I’m figuring sometime in early February, which will mean we’ll probably not see her on screen again until late March, early April.  If she taped any scenes in advance of her leave, I don’t remember reading about it.


     given life after March when it’s up for renewal?


    Not that it hasn’t been done B4, but I was thinking the same thing.  The mystery is where will Sami & EJ be when the reveal is made.  It’s too sad that Faye is being used — she & Nichole will never have an honest relationship.  I noticed Taylor’s name was mentioned, so will she be the sister who questions Nichole’s out-of-the-blue contact w/Mom?  Hmmm


    Can you imagine the Emails and telephone calls that NBC would get from all of us if they didn’t renew DOOL?  I know it all has to do with ratings but still, after 19 years I can’t imagine my life without a "Day" in it.


    You have GOT to be KIDDING me!!! We have to watch this torture (I mean the same lines and scenes), and Nicole’s horrendous wig for four more weeks??????? Oh my gosh, I feel really ill.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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