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    Am I the only one who could give a rat’s butt about this whole thing with Chloe, Daniel, Phillip, Melanie, Stephanie, blah, blah, blah?  They have talked about it and talked about it and made it so unwatchable, that by the time this big reveal happens at the wedding (which is not a spoiler, I’m just assuming) I could care less!  I mean, seriously.  It’s soooo overdone.  The only thing I’ve enjoyed at all lately is Kayla and her attempt to wake Stephanie up in the midst of all this.  I could care less if and when Daniel finds out.  Melanie is going completely overboard and driving me crazy.  Chloe and Phillip just HAD to talk about it ONE MORE TIME.  Ugh.  Can you tell I’m just sick to death of this ridiculous storyline?  Why couldn’t the baby just be Daniel’s and they actually end up with a happy marriage.  Can we even remember the last time someone in Salem had a happy, uninterrupted wedding?


    This storyline blows.  So boring.  So repetitive.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  I was into Kayla trying to wake Stepahnie up but she lost steam immediately.  She is missing the point.  Her daughter is an insecure, selfish and manipulative person.  Why isn’t Kayla more concerned about that than Daniel and Chloe’s drama which is none of her business at all?  Steve would put a stop to this nonesense pronto!


    It’s a Days pattern to drag out to death every storyline. I wouldn’t mind if it were gripping, engaging, edge of your seat drama, but when was the last time we said that about this soap?
    And certainly another stale version of who’s the daddy isn’t cutting it with most viewers.


    the only reason I saw some of her scenes the past few days is because Kayla was in them and she was giving her an earful.  Other than that Stephanie is a waste of t.v. air time.

    Ms. Jake

    I’m ready for this to come out! But I’m routing for Daniel to be the father after all is said and done. I do want them together, I like them as a couple. I think Melanie should be with Nathan…and Stephanie needs to find someone who loves her…..And that Melanie finds unattractive!!! ( and butts out of her life)


     of this, I am …. Stephanie was switched at birth.  Steve and Kayla could never produce this weak, needy, whiny, insecure manipulator that I am supposed to believe is their child.  Ughhhh, can we have Stephanie walking with Ariana when she’s taken out, please????  I mean, come on, two for the price of one ….. what could be better????


     Count me in as someone who is sick to death of ALL of them talking about Chloe’s affair with Phillip.  We dont give a shit anymore!   get it over with already!!!!  I would like to see Daniel as the father too and have Chloe and Dan stay together.  I dont really care who Melanie is with, and of course I dont care about Stephanie either. I used to like Mel but she has really gotten on my nerves with this SL.  Esp her laying into Nathan. I felt so sorry for him.  She better not blame him for not telling him that it was Phillip because he didnt know!   ugh!  Cant stand that whiney (sp?) voice!  


    It is hard to believe that Kayla would tell Steph that she wasn’t raised that way. Kayla raised her alone while Steve was off living another life!!!

    Steph has always been needy and insecure ever since she "came back" as a brunnette. SHe was mixed up in that airline scheme with the Horton boy. Then went on to Max, next to Philip , then Nathan. Talk about jumping around!!! SHe couldn’t stay with Philip because he was ruthless!!! That is nothing compared to what she has been doing with this SL.

    ANd who is Kayla to dis Philip,her daughter is far worse!!


    I was just coming on the board to say the same thing. You expressed my feelings exactly, justwondering!

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