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    WHO got voted off American idol tonight??? I wasnt home, havent watched it on dvr yet! 


     and that’s so sad, because it was between him, Jacob and Haley.  Haley was sent back to the couch right away, before Ryan even got into his usual run-down of their songs and the judges’ comments before revealing the votes.  Too bad, because of the 3, I thought Stefano was the best of that lot, and he should still be here.  Neither Jacob nor Haley impressed me enough to put them ahead of Stefano this week.  You could really tell that the judges were affected by his being sent home.  J-Lo looked like she was about to cry.  She’s been  behind Stefano from the start.  But, he (Stefano) took it well, and was even surprisingly upbeat before he went out with a fantastic song…."Lately."  I was a bit surprised, because of the three, I would have thought the younger voters, who I believe are the majority, would have kept him in for a while longer.  Oh, well, Good luck, Stefano.  I hope Steven’s words will ring true for you, in that you haven’t reached the ‘end of the road;’ your road is just beginning.


    and this decision has me baffled.


    I was hoping it would be Jacob.  I didn’t think Stefano was going to win but figured he had a few more weeks left before saying good-bye. 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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