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    It seems that a teen and a male nurse are coming to Salem.

    NBC held open casting calls in Detroit for two new characters earlier in the year. Gary Clayton and Henri Franklin are joining the cast.

    Gary will be playing a high schooler who has always had a crush on Mia (Taylor Spreitler). Gary shared with the Days Insider that “he runs into her in the Java Café and she plants a kiss on him to stir some jealousy. I’m just excited I already have a kiss on my first day shooting.”

    Henri will be playing “Greg who is a nurse at the hospital who hates his job. He can’t stand the sight of blood and gets queasy being around sick people.”

    From: http://www.shineon-media.com/2010/03/20/days-of-our-lives-renewed-gary-clayton-joins-cast/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ShineOnMedia+%28Shine+On+Media%29&utm_content=Twitter

    I thought the character of Aaron, played by Erik David would be Stephanie’s new love interest, but now this new male nurse is coming too, this makes 3 new male characters to Salem. I can’t find any pics of Henri Franklin and there’s only that pic of Gary Clayton on that website.


     days?  I really don’t care to have any more teens but with summer coming on, I’m afraid we’ll be stuck with them being on daily.  That ought to bring the ratings down!


    Henry sounds like he might be hilarious, comic relief! 


    I thought they have enough nurses running around in the background – does this mean one of our favorites (or several) are going to end up in the hospital again?  Why couldn’t they just give Nurse Maxine a bigger role?

    Yepper yep…if there’s a teen story on Day’s – it must be summer time.  I thought Mia had enough on her plate juggling Chad and Will?  Besides – Mia is such a drag…why in spite of her blond hair, (and etc), why would she be a magnet to another guy?  I think Gabby could use a beau or two – she is at least a pleasant character and has personality instead of Mia’s "Oh poor woe-is me" all the time. 




    Ms. Jake

    Sounds like we may be in for a gay storyline…..or maybe not.


    she’s too busy calling Rafe and Arianna to focus on anyone else.  OMG she’s a pain in the a$$ with that phone.  Her brother is up to his ears in trying to find Sydney’s kidnappers, and Arianna is in a hotel room on an island, with the intention of getting married, and Gabbi feels the need to be calling one or the other of them constantly.  And for what reason … just to be nosey or does she have a REAL problem, like maybe a hangnail.  Rafe and Arianna don’t stand a chance in their respective love lives until they stop babying this kid, or at least tell her it is inappropriate to call them every two minutes, unless, of course, it really is an emergency.  I know, I know, she’s 16, came to Salem for a visit or to check up on them for their mother (who sends a 16-year old to do that anyway), and she’s been here ever since.  But, if she needs to be calling her big brother and sister every time they are out of her sight, maybe she should go home to her mommy.  Need more back-story for the Hernandezes, writers.


     I wonder if he’ll be one of the guys showing up?

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