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one more twist and it’s not Mel even though Carly says it is…After all how would Carly know without DNA tests? (Where’s Sami when you need a DNA test?)  Carly has not seen her child since she was born or very young.  Granted Mel is a bit older than Mia – however, Mel may be a bit younger than they first made her out to be.  

In the real world, you can go into nursing school right after HS and you can graduate HS at a late 16 years old,  (I did – in Texas way back when you could start kindergarten at 4 in parochial school so that FF’s my HS graduation), or graduate at 17 years of age.  That would make her still younger than we think.   They never did say how long she went to nursing school, or was even close to finishing (like everyone in Salem – you can have a college degree or a MBA in six months, and seems like you can get a PHD even a year or two after HS).  So Mel could be a bit younger and that’s why Carly would think Mel is her kid, not Mia – Mia’s – is what a senior in HS?  I would like it to be Mia instead of Mel – Vivy can get rid of Mia – too morose as we’ve all said.