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especially where Maggie is concerned.  Mia is a little over-the-top; she didn’t know Mickey that well and I know she claims to think of Maggie as the mother she wished she had, but she hasn’t been around that long and I’m not buying it.  Maybe she is so broken inside from her own misfortune that it’s just now coming out.  I still believe Maggie will fall off the wagon before all is said and done; that’s why I’m so damn upset that Lucas will be gone.  He could have been the rock for her that she has always been for him.  As for Hope, she thinks she’s lost Bo for good and is now just realizing it.  Maybe instead of crying over him, she should just walk away.  Then, when he comes to his senses, if he ever does, she can tell him to take a hike.  I know that’s not the way they’ll play it, but I sure would like to see her tell them both to go straight to hell….together!