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and I don’t understand why these one-track mind writers can’t come up with a storyline for them other than their annual separation.  Get them back working together solving crimes and catching the bad guys.  They would have been perfect for this stupid kidnapping storyline, working with Rafe, Roman and maybe the FBI.  So many opportunities to really watch them shine instead of this ridiculous quadrangle with 4 actors I happen to love, all now getting on everyone’s nerves due to throwing them together in a love quadrangle that will undoubtedly come out with Bo and Hope getting back together, but leaving a black mark on Justin and Carly.  So, put your thinking cap on your little brains, writing team, and start to come up with some originality for your next big storyline.  Hey, here’s an idea:  how about something that is character-driven instead of plot driven?  That might be nice.