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coming down heavy.  We’re getting 2" per hour.  Right now we’re up to 2 feet and counting, and it’s expected to keep snowing through the night into tomorrow a.m.  This is the mother of all storms.  Thank God, we still have power in my county.  OMG, I just realized something; I can only see the top of my car!  Definitely the storm of the decades here in Chesapeake Bay country.  I live on a side street in the county, and I’ve only seen one snow plow go by all day.   Good thing I went food and necessity shopping yesterday morning.  I have a feeling I’m going to be penned in here until at least Monday.  Just heard they are clearing one air strip at BWI for the Bears flight to Baltimore, but no word yet as to whether or not the game will still be scheduled for Sunday or Monday night.  My neighbor has been out 4 times today with his snow-blower.  Looks like he finally gave up for the night.  With 2" every hour, it’s just wasted gasoline!  LOL!