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I really, really loved that whole thing yesterday!  When Stephano told Sami she "couldn’t even keep her pretend baby alive" and Rafe just went in there after him, I was sooo rooting for Rafe!!  Love how he protects her, no matter what.  Great scenes all around!  Though, gotta say, I really don’t know what to make of EJ right now.  After watching today, with the whole drug dealer storyline, I can’t tell if he wants to be good, wants to be bad, or just is playing everyone.  You can tell he has geniune feelings for Sami and wants to be with his daughter, yet continues in the family business – after declaring how much he hates Stephano and never wants to be like him.  Really don’t know what he’s doing or who he’s playing.  But, any time Sami and Stephano spar, it’s entertaining and gripping.  Two amazing actors and the accusations really fly between the two of them!  Loved it!!!