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with either Daniel or Justin, but right now it’s obvious that Daniel is very much in love with Chloe, and after all that he went through to get her, I don’t see him casting her aside for a "quickie" love affair with the woman who introduced him to his wife.  I don’t doubt that they had a sexual relationship way back then, but I don’t think either Daniel or Carly are aware that possibly Daniel could be the biological father of Carly’s daughter.  That, plus usually when a soap starts a relationship off with a very rocky start, i.e., Justin and Carly, they have a way of winding up together.  Either way, I like Carly’s attitude and her mannerisms, and her story is getting more and more interesting to me.  I hope the identity of her daughter, who I truly believe is Melanie, is soon revealed to her and to the daughter so that they can get the whole story out and start to mend fences.