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and even though most believe E.J. is behind the whole plot, which, I might add, so do I, it just occurred to me that I wouldn’t count Kate out completely.  That look she gave Stefano when she left him yesterday, knowing how upset he was, then saying something like: "I have to go make some phone calls…"  just got me to thinking.  Also, I would absolutely love for it to be Tony DiMera, even though we were led to believe he is dead.  Remember the cigar smoking Tony (Tony never smoked).  Maybe it was Andre who died and Tony is still alive, plotting with his darling Anna against Stefano.  But, then again, I don’t think they would hurt Sami like that.  They actually liked the Bradys.  By the way, pure speculation here; nothing read, heard or spoiled otherwise to indicate Thaao on his way back to Salem (but wouldn’t you just love it).