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with the Salem P.D.  I got the message that Roman was impressed with Rafe’s actions in tracking down Sydney so far, and in figuring out what in the hell was in Nicole’s head all along.  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if after this is over, Rafe winds up a detective in the Salem P.D.  Watch out, Bo.  I always got the impression Hope had a little sweet tooth where Rafe was concerned anyway. (LOL).  As for Vivian, I’m quite sure she and Victor will be plotting against Carly, and Victor, with seemingly unlimited funds, will be happy to front Vivian.  Can’t wait til’ she moves into the Kiriakis mansion.  If that doesn’t torment the living hell out of Kate, nothing will.  Sami may want to work, but with soon to be three babies, I think that would be a little unrealistic.  Besides, if she doesn’t have to, why should she.  Stay home and raise your children, Samantha.  As for Hearth and Home, that was the joke, or maybe "dummy," corporation of the decade as far as I’m concerned.