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and against Hope; now I truly see flaws in both characters.  For Bo and Hope, the one supposed "super-couple" left in Salem, they certainly have exhibited poor judgment … both of them.  I see faults with both of them, but really do believe that they are deeply in love and always will be.  However, when they believe strongly in their own convictions, they are both cut from the same cloth, and I think if anyone will make them realize just how much they are in love, it will be Ciara.  Carly is over-reacting, IMO.  She doesn’t even know who her daughter is yet, but she is using Bo’s and her past and placing him in a very difficult position.  I think she knows he will never say "no, I can’t help you, Carly."  So, instead, she is willing to destroy his relationship with Hope.  What she doesn’t realize is that Hope’s nobody’s pushover, and sooner or later Carly will realize that.  I’d guess that before this sl is over, Bo and Carly will become friends.  BUT, yesterday, when Hope opened the door and there stood Carly, I thought….*%#@!!! HERE WE GO AGAIN.