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Ms. Jake

Ever since Stephanie tried to convince Phillip to change his ways and be thruthful,and go legitimate….the viewers on alot of the websites were up in arms. I must say to my surprise….If she was my daughter, I’d hope she’d want to encourage a guy like "Phillip"to change for the better! But, whatever…that being said, many were upset with "Stephanie’s" character, for trying to change him and not except him for "what" is was. Then the fans grew in favor of Melanie and maybe the writters picked up on that! It seems to make sense to me…I think  it’s a mistake, she’s 18! and even Nathan is a bit old for her….but far better then Phillip! Maybe I’m wrong, but I liked the pairing of Stephanie with Phillip, it kind of was (to me) like how Victor and Caroline would have been, with her, he may have been legitimate today….and the shooting and kidnapping lifestyle could have been avoided. Now the writters don’t seem to know what to do with Stephanie’s character…It’s almost like they switched Stephanie’s character with Melanie’s????