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Well, I don’t know about Chad, but Mia is about to team up with Melanie against Carly about not wanting Carly to stay at Maggie’s.  Since Mel is supposed to be Carly’s daughter, and Carly has been nothing but sympathetic to Mia since she met her, I can’t understand why Mia would be against her staying at Maggie’s, not to mention that I don’t remember either one of their names being on the deed to Maggie’s house.  I did read that Mia and Chad will grow "closer" now that the truth about Grace has come out, so I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more of them, together again as a couple, which makes me believe even more that they are going to pair Will up with Gabi, which I wouldn’t mind.  I think they look kinda’ cute together (Will and Gabi, that is).