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No one does it as well as Kate Roberts.  In addition to her now ever so NOT devoted stepson, E.J., which, by the way, that picture of him having his way with Kate on her desk will never leave my mind (puke); as far as the Carly/Lawrence/Nicholas family is concerned, can anyone remember the sordid love affair Nicholas had with Kate Roberts as well????  Talk about ewwww; I mean Nicky Alamain should be around Shawn D.’s age, but after trying to help his Auntie Viv when she was married to Stefano, Nikki decided to help himself to Kate as well.  Uggghhhh.  So whether Carly’s daughter winds up being Mia or Melanie (although I do believe it will be Melanie), the poor will have somewhat of a sordid family tree of her own.  (LOL)!