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What I’ve read is that Carly’s daughter is Melanie, but the father is NOT Trent.  She will explain to Bo, in today’s show, maybe, that she had an affair with a doctor at a medical convention in Europe, and got pregnant.  When Lawrence found out about it, he made her give the baby up to "a man" so I’m thinking baby selling or something along those lines.  Now, somehow, she finds out her child is in Salem, Lawrence finds out she is trying to find it, and the rest is pretty much up to date with where we are now.  Fact is, I think the child is Melanie, and still speculating that Daniel will be the father, although there’s no spoiler out there about that part.  I just remember reading somewhere that Daniel will somehow be involved in the Bo/Hope/Carly storyline at some point, so I’m speculating that Daniel may possibly be the father of a teenager, but soaps.com has already reported that the daughter will, in fact, be Melanie.  I’m really looking forward to this storyline.  No offense to the actress who plays Mia, but she could not possibly handle this role as well as Molly, and I think when this can of worms is opened in another week or two, CC and MB will rock their scenes together.