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E.J. knows that Nicole was always paranoid about someone coming in through those doors and snatching up Sydney, there are no guards on the premises any longer, and Stefano has been busted, so to speak, and must now admit that he knows that Sydney is his biological granddaughter; HOWEVER, he (E.J.) allows Sydney to remain asleep in her playpen, and takes Sami out of the room for further discussions.  Then, ‘waddayaknow’ Nicole is there, looking through the same windows, acting out the same kidnapping plan she was so gravely afraid of happening to her.  Beats the hell out of me why they even had to go there.  It would have been a much more interesting storyline for me if they had simply continued the drama between Sami, Rafe amd E.J., as well as between E.J. and Stefano, and left the baby thief, Nicole, in jail.  Now, and most unfortunately for me, we’ll have to watch them chase Nicole and Sydney up and down and all around, while she changes her appearance, plays ‘hide the baby,’ and makes up even more lies, but now to her family.  I’m sorry, and I do love Ari Z., but Nicole Walker continues to be a royal pain in my a$$.