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I thought the same thing about Nicole’s brazen action yesterday.  Did she honestly think she could just walk into Sami’s place and take Sydney.  She has to be on the verge of insanity if she did, especially knowing what Sami would do to her, plus she knew that Rafe was inside as well.  The woman is definitely on her way off the deep end.  She’ll probably will wind up using the insanity plea as her defense.  I just hope it doesn’t work.  This business of another kidnapping has me ticked off.  How many repetitious plots can the writers expect to throw at us?  Something new, please!  As for E.J., I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that he will insist on having custody of Sydney.  He’s blinded by what he perceives to be deception, even though he knows full well that the argument Sami has always had for wanting her children out of the DiMera mansion has been because of Stefano.  I don’t know how far they’re going to take this dark side of E.J., but maybe if he stands by his decision to denounce his father and moves out, him and Sami can co-parent their children without all the drama of custody battles.  My concern is that he is going to try his best to break Sami and Rafe up, and that I could not accept.  Stay smarter than him Sami.  You are right where you should be now.