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SW, something in your post hit home with me.  I’ve been reading across the message boards everyone’s opinions on Ari Z’s performance throughout this storyline, and I couldn’t agree more; she has been superb.  However, that being said, Ali Sweeney has really brought it for me as well.  When Grace died, Ali’s performance moved me to tears more than once.  Her performance has been just as good, to me anyway, as Ari’s.  I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for those two magnificent actresses to put so much realism into their acting, with one just giving birth to a little girl not so long ago (Ali) and the other with a baby girl due in a very short time.  I also thought James Scott did an awesome job with the storyline, even though it appears he is going to be returning to his ‘dark’ side.  I thought his acting was terrific.  All three of these actors’ performances were Emmy-worthy, and I will be very surprised if they are not right in there at next year’s show.