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    When I was watching all the time I didn’t see how bad it really was (unless it’s gotten so much worse since I stopped).  But the one day that I tuned in, I just kept shaking my head wondering why I had spent over 10,000 hours of my life watching it.  No offense to those still addicted.    Of course I still do watch some seriously ridiculous stuff during prime time.  Right now there is a short series on Animal Planet called Serengeti that is inspired by The Lion King and narrated by Lupita Nyongo’o.  The filming is incredible and you’d swear it was CGI but it’s all real.  Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

    Good example:  Dr. Pimple Popper, From Not to Hot (formerly Honey Boo Boo), Pose, My 600 lb. Life. I’ll spare you the others.

    On the other hand, (there goes Bonbon again, writing a book!).  I really like America’s Got Talent, Grand Hotel, The Good Doctor, This is Us (greatest show in years and years, just hope it doesn’t jump the shark in the near future).  New Amsterdam, still hanging on to DWTS, just hope they can keep it fresh, The Zoo (really interesting seeing the behind the scenes workings of the Bronx Zoo.  There’s a new one starting featuring the San Diego Zoo along the same lines.  It seems as soon as they have a hit, they have to copy it with another show just like it.  And, of course, I’m still loyal to The Amazing Dr. Pol.  I’ve watched it from the first episode.

    BTW, got a new doggie, Merlin got congestive heart disease and went down hill very fast.  I decided to start fostering and the sixth one I took on looks a lot like Merlin (mostly Maltese and some Pomeranian) but much smaller (8 lbs.) and is soooo sweet and lovable.  Her name was Dorothy but I call her Dottie.  She is 9 years old and TERRIBLY spoiled.  When she wants on or off the bed she’ll bark at me until I take her do her bidding.  If I leave the room for too long, she barks until I come back.

    Okay, ’nuff for now.  Take care everybody.


    I’m content with just my small selection of channels w/antennae TV but BB, you’ve got me envious of those Zoo shows. I am a super animal nut and I’d be glued to those. I used to watch Emergency Vets and loved that. Good for you on dog fostering!


    I watch Dr. Pimple Popper, Not to Hot, anything with Amish people and little people. For me it’s a mindless break from the constant news my husband watches. I’m looking forward to football season because I know he won’t be glued to news and financial channels all day.  

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