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    If Max and Stephanie had worked a little harder, Mel would have never been an issue.  I also thought if Stephanie had a little patience with Max, this would never have happened.  Max just found his sister and I fellt from the beginning Stephanie was all over Max about Mel.  She needed to be more supportive about it.  I understand Mel was a troublemaker and all, but I just felt Stephanie had no patience or no give when it came to Mel.

    Stephanie and Phillip’s break up had nothing to do with Mel.  It had EVERYTHING to do with Stephanie deciding to be with someone and then deciding she doesn’t like a major part of his life.  I am sorry, there is changing a man, and then there is just being too pushy.  I would be fine with Stephenia trying to slowly get PHillip out of the bad side of the Kirakis business, but this all or nothing thing had be baffled.

    Then Nathan was the end for me.  Stephanie KNEW Mel liked Nathan, she knew that Mel really cared for him, and what does she do?  She does anything she can to mess it up.  Not because she liked Nathan, how could she?  She had just gotten done with Max who she "loved" so much and got un-engaged with Phillip all in less than a year, how could she already be head over heals in love with someone else.  Enough to try and steal away Mel’s guy? 

    Mel is NOT perfect and she has had her own issues.  But I trully felt that Mel really cared for Nathan and doesn’t have those same feelings for Phillip.  I just feel like Phillip pushed too hard and who wouldn’t break down when a cute guy you thought you really liked kept pushing.


     CARLY! She wants Bo and needs his help, so she completely disregards the fact that he is trying to put his marriage and family back together. Why is her daughter more important than Ciara? She claims to care about him, while being such a destructive force in his life. She throws in the occasional, weak "I have to stay away, I’m hurting your family", then she runs to him every time Vivian sneezes. And you don’t confess your love to someone who is trying to save a marriage and then say you don’t mean to cause trouble. She is selfish and self-serving. If Bo can help her, why didn’t she call him to save her daughter BEFORE resorting to killing Lawrence. I just don’t have much patience for homewreckers.


    as far as the storytelling goes…. so therefore who would I like to NOT see in the future….  Dr. Dan (he’s being underused at the moment) even though he’s pivotal to the hospital & Kiriakis family.  I’d like to hope that a moving story comes along that provides better performances.  Chloe’s character is way underused (no singing, no Lucas, Nicole in jail, no wedding plans, no pregnancy, no illness !!).

    But the character who could go, no ifs ands or butts, would be the Jan Spears wannabe…. Kinsey.  Really liking the "T" character but I’d rather he not ‘hang’ with Kinsey (Ms Snotty…(as I call her) .


    June66watcher – So true!  About "T" – I said the same thing in another posting!  The kid can deliver lines and should be given a shot at a more involved story line – first teenybopper I’ve seen in a long time that is totally watchable even in a short segment.  While reading your post I was thinking, did they ever say a "real name" for him?  Or does the "T" stand for "T"eenager?  Hahahhaha – ahem…sorry.


    T’s real name on the show is Tad.


    MIA!  Pouty, depressed teens are so not entertaining!  Also think it’s time for Stephanie to join her parents in Africa. 


    I especially want to see Stephanie go after today.  She doesn’t bail out Nathan without even talking to him.  That to me is stupid.  While Nathan is in the wrong, Stephanie and Nathan were friends before getting together.  So to not bail out a friend is stupid and to not even give Nathan a chance to tell his side of the story?!?  I mean you take Phillips word for it?  Give me a break, send Stephanie away, I am sick of her brass sudden decisions.


    Duplicate post

    Ms. Jake

    Everything you just said could be reversed to side with Stephanie. It’s all about what character you can identify with better.

    It’s very simular to the "Belle / Mimi" situation… I tend to support the heroine or good girl type, IF they’re wronged, and Stephanie was certainly sabotaged by Melanie, as was Max, and Phillip, and even Nick, kindof. But, he did it mostly to himself.

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