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    This is what I’m bringing up: I know that Barash, Flynn & Koslow taped their scenes, that it was taped & blocked, meaning, their scenes. But what I’m getting at is that with Tinker’s Sonny’s daughter was once Abby’s god-daughter & that Kurth’s Justin was Abs’ Uncle, don’t you think that it’s extremely odd that neither one of them know about what happened to Abigail & that they have to have Jake to be there for Chad, given, Sonny’s history with Chad, especially, given as to how Sonny’s relationship with Chad was in effect for 11 years now, when Barash was still playing Johnny Zaccharra on GH at the time.

    I honestly believe that Leo is the killer. Think about it, He’s all about perception & he had been playing up one perception, two perception, three perception 4, First he had given the illusion that Sonny was guilty of sexual harassment when he set the camera up, then the second time was when the ambiguously gay duo was charged with attempted murder, the third time he allowed Sonny to think that Will was cheating on him with Leo, & the 4th time was when he sent the content to Will to question Sonny’s fidelity.

    Remember, he panicked when Sonny brought up that he was waiting for the blood test results & then he panicked about Abs’ murder, as if he could have been caught by Abby when he was robbing her, we did see the jewels he had in his possession, & that he did have the weapon with him, & then he lied to Gwen that he wasn’t anywhere in the DiMera Estate, with how Leo is all about perception, he could easily followed Lucas to the motel room & slashed his hand to give the perception that Lucas had done it.

    Will they ever play up as to how Sonny was moved to his bed & play up what caused his losing his consciousness, & why didn’t they get Leo charged with assault, given that Sonny was stripped when he lost consciousness & the content was sent to Will, showing that Leo had stripped him, Sonny was in no position to strip himself, now was he?

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