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    What I’m getting at is this: There’s no need for Evan’s hostility towards Ben, Evan was the that murdered Jordan, not Ben, so does the loathing of Ben story work?

    When Evan saw Satan in Allie, can you really see Evan resorted Satan’s actions, given the side of Evan that had shown to Freddie Smith’s Sonny?, can you really see this story line work as well?

    This pertains to Adrienne: Her rape by her father. Bonnie’s rape from her brother-in-law, Harrison, Adrienne getting a hanky by Justin, then playing up Bonnie getting a hanky from him with the way Steve treated her, then when it came to Will’s shooting of EJ is what Calista had on Bonnie, Calista blackmailing Bonnie the way that EJ blackmailed Will, then they played up that Adrienne was jailed for when Anjelica put her there to get her hands on Justin, Bonnie ends up in prison with Gwen & Xander & Justin was jailed. So with all the stories that correlate Adrienne’s stories with Bonnie’s stories, they keep Adrienne dead for this long can even dumbfound Helen Keller , don’t you think?

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